Welcome to the Valley of Viñales

Viñales is one of the most beautiful and emblematic places of Cuba. It is an ideal place to enjoy the environment and nature as well as having the option to discover their traditions and customs instead.
 We offer all possible excursions to do to enjoy and live an unforgettable experience during your stay in Viñales, without having to worry about anything else.

About us

Viñales Horse Ride is an agency offering excursions to horse in the National Park Viñales.

We specialize in two of the most important paths of Valle de Viñales - El Palmarito and Valle del Silencio, both of incomparable beauty.

 With us you will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience on your trip to Cuba. With our excursions you decubrirá the most deeply rooted customs of the region, together with traditions that characterize the peasants.

During the tour of the Valley you can enjoy not only the scenery and the incredible unique hummocks in the world, but the wonderful plantations snuff so typical of the region of Pinar del Rio, visiting a peasant house and a drying snuff where It will show you the process of drying and processing leaf snuff, as well as the realization of pure craftsman directly campesiso hand, having the opportunity to try it if they like.

They will visit a coffee plantation and enjoy during your tour of lakes, caves with underground rivers inside where you can cool off from the heat and an endless variety of flora and fauna of the region. As a Finca Agrocológica, where you can enjoy a different view of Valle de Viñales.

All linked to a landscape of incomparable beauty.

The entire tour lasts 4 hours, during which you can stop to take pictures, make out the landscape, bird watching, as well as the fields and Creole ox-drawn plows have been using farmers and who have been very useful for them until today.

You will have also the opportunity to extend your tour to 5 or 6 hours to visit viewpoints and other multifarious facets of Viñales Valley.

Meeting Point

The meeting point is always at the Plaza de Viñales front of the church (see map below) where the guide will come to pick up the hour and day indicated. From this point they dirijirán walk to the trailhead where we will be waiting for the horses.


• Full tour 4 hours Price: 25 cuc If you need more hours to complete the course, you will not be charged the extra time !!!! Enjoy leisurely excursion .

• If you want fewer hours will be at a cost 5 cuc per hour per person.


• All children under 6 years old must ride with an adult who will be responsible all the way.

• We have special mounts for children, for the correct grip of the same horse.

• Our service is personalized, you will have a guide just for you.

• All of our horses are certified by the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and meet all the requirements under the entity.

• We are legal guidelines, respect and care for our animals and pay some taxes to excursions.

• Reserves the guidelines shall carry out, directly, not through third parties, which are not licensed to sell excursions (private homes, street hustlers, taxi drivers ...) which commissions and unofficial ask prices for profit of our work. CONCIENCIENSE THIS PLEASE!

  • Pupito He is 39 and is an expert on the path Coco Solo Palmarito. With extensive experience and years of work the National Park known as the palm of your hand. With him will tour the most beautiful places in the Valley, while enjoying learning. .

  • Chuchi Chuchi is the nickname of this friendly guide and big man of 46 years, but his real name is William. It is the oldest of the official guides Viñales Valley, working with tourists for more than 10 years, and his specialty is horseback riding. Valley is known as the palm of your hand. Cross it with him will be the most rewarding experience of your trip.

  • Roberto Our most versatile guide, it makes a tour like a salsa class, is called Roberto and is 32 years old. A boy in agronomy expert, specializing in snuff plantations. Make hiking and horseback riding throughout the Valley. Funny, kind and friendly.

  • Book ExcusionTo book your excursion is necessary to provide us with:
      - Name and surname
      - Number of people
      - Nationality
      - Day Tour
      - Time Tour
      - Name House Accommodation

      You must send a backup mail to:


    Every excursion is formalized by sending a customer Donden voucher contains all the details of the reservation.
  • Are you legal guide and do you want to work with us? Contact me